2 Personen Parachute Hängematte €8,75

2 Personen Parachute Hängematte €8,75

eingestellt am 27. Jul 2017

gamiss hat gerade eine güstige Hängematte im Sortiment.
Die 260cm x 140cm größe Matte ist aus Fallschirm Nylon Material und trägt somit bis zu 2 Personen und maximal 300Kg, dabei wiegt sie selbst nur 420g, kann also auch auf Wanderungen etc. mitgenommen werden.

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Regulär kostet sie 19€ inkl. Versand (dazu aber noch evtl. EU Einführsteuer.)
Erhältlich ist sie in verschiedenen Farb-Kombos.

Vergleichspreise liegen bei 15€ aufwärts.

Facing to the sky, staring at the cloud, listening to the bird twittering around your ears, the sunshine just shedding on your face squeezing through the tree leaves, these are not fantastic to you?
Then this Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Hammock can satisfy you. The hammock is made of parachute nylon fabric, which is strong, durable and breathable. It is attached with a ideal drawstring pouch to make the hammock easy to carry and use. The hammock can be folded into the pouch which is attached to the side of the hammock when not in use. What’s more, the hammock is equipped with hook holder and strong ropes, it is very convenient for us to use.

- Material: 210T parachute nylon fabric.
- Size: Approx 260 x 140cm.
- Weight capacity: 80 - 300kg, had better strengthen the rope when more than 220kg.
- Durable, colorful and portable.
- Easy to be cleaned and dry quickly after being wet.
- Easy fixing, just fix the hammock with two binding strings and tie the string to the trees or poles.
- Easy to carry and pack, can be folded into the attached sack.
- Strong tensile resistance with 2 pieces of guy ropes.
- With the parachute nylon fabric, it is wear resistance, anti-tearing, intolerance dirty, soft and comfortable when lying on it.
- Light and handy, preferred by tour pal and riders when they travel or camp in outdoors.
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