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4 kostenlose Comics bei Comixology (Amazon Company)
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4 kostenlose Comics bei Comixology (Amazon Company)

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225799-pKsK4.jpgUncanny X-Men (2013-2015) #1
(Average Rating (1039): 4 von 5 Sterne)
The true flagship book of the X-Men returns. In the wake of the Phoenix, the world has changed and is torn on exactly what Cyclops and his team of X-Men are ? visionary revolutionaries or dangerous terrorists? Whatever the truth, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Magik are out in the world gathering up new mutants and redefining the name UNCANNY X-MEN.

225799-VtLmK.jpgMarvel Team-Up (2019) #1
(Average Rating (129): 4 von 5 Sterne)
THE CLASSIC MARVEL TEAM-UP RETURNS! After a science demonstration at Empire State University goes awry, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man find themselves tangled up in the same chaotic adventure. Is it destiny? Or disaster?! Eve L. Ewing (IRONHEART) and Joey Vazquez (SPIDER-GEDDON) team up for the first thrilling arc of a mind-bending and magnificent new series!

225799-9wvkV.jpgExiles (2001-2008) #1
(Average Rating (157): 4 von 5 Sterne)
Heroes from across the timescape find themselves outside of time and reality. They are Blink, Nocturne, Magnus, Morph, Mimic, and Thunderbird. They have been brought there by the Time Broker. And they have one chance to save their dimensions.

225799-aUp5a.jpgThe Marvels Project #1 (of
(Average Rating (211): 4 von 5 Sterne)
Who is the mysterious old man who lies on his deathbed in a hospital in 1939, and how does his passing mark the beginning of the first heroic age of the Marvel Universe -- and signal the rise of the superhumans?
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