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Aero Effect Geschicklichkeitsspiel für iOS und Android
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Aero Effect Geschicklichkeitsspiel für iOS und Android

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Race an aerodynamic thingy through a maze of animated, geometric peril and plunge into a mysterious grid of pixels at the bottom, all while listening to a glorious soundtrack by Fat Bard. Does that make any sense? Of course not! But it’s fun. You’ll see
+ Simple controls. Easy to learn, difficult to master (all games say this, so it must be important)
+ Stylish and colorful visual design
+ Dynamic and exciting physics-based gameplay
+ Fifty handcrafted levels split over five stages (this was actually the hardest part of development)
+ Record and share gameplay videos with Everyplay integration (this was actually really easy to implement - like 3-4 days, tops)
+ Compete with your friends and anyone across the world with Game Center leaderboards and achievements
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