(Android) „A-2481“ Horrorspiel

(Android) „A-2481“ Horrorspiel

eingestellt am 5. Jul 2018
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Was am ersten Blick nach einem Prototypen für Airbus klingt, ist am Ende ein Horrorspiel für Androiden. Das Game wurde tausendfach geladen und wird mit aktuell 4,2 aus 5 Sternen sehr gut bewertet. Für Lau und Zwischendurch kann man sich das Horrorspiel jedenfalls mal sichern.

A-2481 - the horror game is one of the few games that really make you scared.

Have you ever thought about possibility to control human brain at a distance? Can we do that? The same ideas occupied our hero’s mind. A journalist of a small provincial newspaper finds fragments of information about a secret military bunker of the USSR times codenamed «А-2184» where such experiments were obviously carried out in strict secrecy. Without a moment's hesitation you decide to start searching for answers for your new article!

Dark and gloomy corridors of the bunker are a real thrill. And forsaken rooms where it seems people worked not so long ago, are terrifying. Every minute of stay in this evil place will make you go away as soon as possible. What is waiting for you there? Let’s find out!
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