[Android] Clipboard Manager Pro kostenlos (statt 1,89€)

[Android] Clipboard Manager Pro kostenlos (statt 1,89€)

eingestellt am 25th Aug 2017
Im Play Store erhaltet ihr die App Clipboard Manager Pro aktuell kostenlos (statt der üblichen 1,89€).

Bewertungen: 4,5 von 5 bei 462 Bewertungen

Check out features:

* Create unlimited categories.
* Save unlimited notes.
* Automatically save note from clipboard.
* New note confirmation.
* Auto clean up default category.
* Auto clean trash.
* Search in your notes.
* Share note/few notes
* Merge notes
* Ordering
* Automatically backup to the cloud (optional)
* Import and export data to the file
* Smart actions
* View notes
* Fast access to recent notes
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