[Android] Mirage: Illusions - GRATIS - statt 2,29 €

[Android] Mirage: Illusions - GRATIS - statt 2,29 €

eingestellt am 16. Feb 2018
Wieder direkt im Google Play Store gibt’s aktuell wieder das Physik-Game "Mirage: Illusions" komplett kostenlos.

Regulärer Preis: 2,29 €

Bewertung: 4,7 aus 5 Sterne

What would it be like if the physics of the world went about how you perceived things?

Find out in this unusual spatial puzzle!

• 35 mind-bending puzzles for you to take on!
• 3 modes to play in: Relaxation - where you can explore levels, Endurance - to finish the game within the time limit and Time Trials - get as many medals as possible!
• Secret levels to unlock!
• Compete for the best times!

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Illusions, hell yeah!
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