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[Android] Mystic Guardian PV: Old School RPG
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[Android] Mystic Guardian PV: Old School RPG

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[Android] Mystic Guardian PV: Old School RPG
eingestellt am 3. Jän 2021

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Zum Spiel:

Game Story
- Experience the fantasy world of steampunk with machinery and alchemy.
- Two playable main characters with completely different storylines.
- Secret storielines and alternate endings that are unlockable by replaying.
- More than 500 narrative scenes.

Class Change
- Total of 7 classes you can switch to.
- Each class has its own unique skills that can be permanently learned.

Battle System
- More than 150 skills you can use during the battle.
- Extremely satisfying combo attacks.
- Create your own skill combinations.
- 60 ultimate boss battles.
- Powerful summons with various upgrades.

Raid Mode
- Challenge the infinite battle in endless dungeons.
- Compete your score with other players.
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