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Batman Black & White, 5 gratis eBooks (Englisch)

eingestellt am 4. Apr 2022

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Bei Amazon bekommt ihr 5 gratis eBooks (englisch) aus der Batman "Black & White" Serie gratis.

Batman Black & White: A Black and White World
273768_1.jpgAcclaimed author Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN, American Gods) and eye-popping artist Simon Bisley (LOBO) deliver a make-believe story spotlighting the struggle between Batman and The Joker - only this time, they're re-cast as actors starring in a film-like, comic book production!

Batman Black & White: An Innocent Guy
273768_1.jpgWhat does it take to kill Batman? Find out in this meticulously rendered story from Brian Bolland (BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE) focusing on a chillingly cold, Gotham City resident and his videotaped plan to murder The Dark Knight.

Batman Black & White: Good Evening, Midnight
273768_1.jpgKlaus Janson (BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS) writes and illustrates this bittersweet tale starring Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred as he reads a hopeful letter Bruce's father wrote to young Bruce.

Batman Black & White: Perpetual Mourning
273768_1.jpgTed McKeever writes and illustrates this haunting, Eisner Award-nominated tale of Batman performing an autopsy on a Jane Doe victim. Narrated to the beat of a ballroom dance, this taut thriller spotlights The Dark Knight's detective skills as well as his heart.

Batman Black & White: Two of A Kind
273768_1.jpgHigh-tech facial reconstruction surgery saves Harvey Dent and helps eliminate his alter ego, Two-Face! But will his tumultuous new relationship with a set of bombshells drag him back into the mouth of madness? Written and drawn by the Emmy Award-winning Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, JLU).
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