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Bunny Reversi kostenlos (Microsoft Store)
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Bunny Reversi kostenlos (Microsoft Store)

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Im Microsoft Store bekommt ihr das Spiel derzeit kostenlos als Download. Der Normalpreis liegt bei 1,99 €. Das erinnert mich daran, das Spiel mal wieder auszupacken

  • Classic reversi game also known as othello now comes to fully 3d! Play as a Bunny with AI or in split-screen mode
  • Play with one of the 4 characters to develop logical and strategic thinking, to anticipate the moves of your opponent and evaluate your moves and their consequences.
  • Kick chickens to have a fun! Kick your oponent if they bothers you!
  • Explore cute little environment.
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Bunny Reversi - Die Rückkehr des Klassikers mit vielen Playmates, oh wait.
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