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Darkness Trap: Purify Old Sins kostenlos für iOS
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Darkness Trap: Purify Old Sins kostenlos für iOS

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Darkness Trap: Purify Old Sins kostenlos für iOS
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Das Spiel Darkness Trap gibt es derzeit kostenlos für iOS.

Do you love video games and eventually have a powerful iPhone/iPad? Darkness Trap is just for you, a real gamer who wants to play everywhere, so here is your new challenging game.
Great video games are not made in a night, specially for iOS, imagine being alone in a cursed town, with a lot of monsters with your arsenal of weapons and magics! That is what Darkness Trap is about.

Darkness Trap: Purify Old Sins tells the story of a misled and trapped girl in a cursed town full of different monsters with no help, you are the only one who can help her. In this dark and atmospheric game you will meet multiple types of enemies as well as many weapons to kill monsters. Do you like magics? So you may hit enemies with magic, use magic to protect yourself and also enlighten your way out!

This game features an atmospheric dark inter-connected environment, inspired by Souls-borne games and also 3D side-scrolling camera with ability to move in every direction. If you have a PS4 or XBOX controller you can also use it to play this game on iOS/iPadOS 13 or above.
So what are you waiting for? Buy the game now and enjoy it!
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