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Deep Sea Fish Kebab kostenlos für Android und iOS
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Deep Sea Fish Kebab kostenlos für Android und iOS

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Das Retrogame Deep Sea Fish Kebab gibt es jetzt kostenlos für beide bekannten Plattformen.

In this retro arcade style game, Bob the diver descends into the darkness of the sea to battle Poseidon's minions and win back the ocean from the mutants of the deep. Fight with sword and fish but beware! The ocean is a strange place indeed. Over 100 different fish--some more menacing than others!

Each level has a different theme, such as the skeleton pirate laden deep sea, or the mermaid filled Atlantis! Near the end it gets really weird, a bowl of milk? Outer space dolphins in space suits? Yes and yes...

This is an indie game made by Tartle Games with all original sprite artwork and music by a talented friend named Horse Doctor!
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