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Flipzyx - buntes Puzzlespiel kostenlos für Android
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Flipzyx - buntes Puzzlespiel kostenlos für Android

eingestellt am 14. Apr

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Jetzt kommt ein Lieblingsspiel von Topper persönlich. Den bunten Puzzler gibt es jetzt kostenlos für Android.

Flip, slide, burn and explode! Guide the flames to the bombs to blow away each level. Flipzyx is a new and unique idea, a puzzle and an arcade game, and how you play it - slow or fast - is entirely up to you.

• Flip and slide tiles to change paths.
• 240 Levels in 12 Worlds.
• All future updates and enhancements free with a single purchase.
• No in-game purchases.
• Complete levels the hard or easy way.
• Pause and Boost buttons to play as a puzzle or an arcade game, or both!
• Full in-game instructions and assistance.
• Sensible, clean controls.
• Colour perception assistance.
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