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Gratis Pizza
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Gratis Pizza

584° Abgelaufen
Gratis Pizza
eingestellt am 23. Sep 2020Lokal verfügbar Wien

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In der heutigen Ausgabe der "Heute" gibt es einen Gutschein für eine Gratis-Pizza bei Paddy's Co im 1. Bezirk in Wien. Der Gutschein ist bis 31.10. Einlösbar, 1 Mal pro Person.
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What is Chicago Deep Pot Pizza ?

Chicago Deep Pot Pizza is a very unique style of pizza, first developed in 1972 in Chicago by the world-famous Oven Grinder Pizza Company. It is often referred to as the ´´Upside Down Pizza´´ because of the unusual way it is made.

Deep Pot Pizza is actually baked in a bowl or pot, with the pizza dough on top, as opposed to on the bottom with regular pizza styles. When it is cooked, it is flipped over by the waiter while being served, so it resembles a regular pizza but with a deeper more bowl-shaped base.

Now available in Vienna ! Pop in and try one yourself !
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