Humble Book Bundle: History ab 0,93

Humble Book Bundle: History ab 0,93

eingestellt am 22. Mär 2017
Top Geschichtsbücher (in englischer Sprache) von The Associated Press zum Download.

Angebot gültig bis 5.4.2017

um 0,93 Euro gibts:

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Apollo 11: How America Won the Race to the Moon
  • The Torch Is Passed: The Death of President John F. Kennedy
  • The Warren Report: The Official Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • The Hubble Space Telescope

um 7,41 Euro gibts zusätzlich:

  • Bob Dylan
  • The Boston Marathon Bombing
  • Katrina
  • Fisherman Slaves
  • My Time with the Kings: A Reporter's Recollections of Martin, Coretta and The Civil Rights Movement
  • Saigon Has Fallen: A Wartime Recollection

und um 13,89 gibts alle oben genannten plus:

  • Putin's Opponents
  • Defeating the Islamic State group
  • Marijuana Nation
  • Pearl Harbor: An Associated Press Special Anniversary Edition
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower: An Associated Press Biography
  • Triumph & Tragedy: The Story of the Kennedys' Early Years
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