[iOS] Mahjong I kostenlos statt 1,99€

[iOS] Mahjong I kostenlos statt 1,99€

eingestellt am 21. Aug 2017
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Momentam im iTunes Store Mahjong I kostenlos statt 1,99€.

Copy/Pastry aus dem Store:

MahJong Solitaire is a matching game for one player. The goal of the game is to remove all tiles out of the board by pairs.
Select tiles with the same picture and they will disapear. Only free tiles that are not covered are allowed to remove.

The game contains 200 different layouts, including the classic "Turtle". At any moment you can use Undo, Hint and Shuffle.

Game features:

- 200 board layouts
- Customizable background pictures
- 8 realistic tilesets
- Undo, hint and shuffle option
- HD graphics for iPad
- Optional dimming of blocked tiles
- Easy small and hard big layouts
- Game with no time limits
- Every layout is winnable
- Auto-save when you exit
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Nur für iPad!
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