iOS: Stickman Tennis gratis

iOS: Stickman Tennis gratis

eingestellt am 2. Feb 2018
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In Apples AppStore könnt ihr euch gerade Stickman Tennis gratis statt 1,09€ downloaden.

Stickman Tennis is a fast paced realistic tennis game on spectacular courts and an astonishing atmosphere, simple controls and tons of replay value.
Play top spins, slices, lobs and smashes, play cross, longline or inside-out and choose between automatic and manual running.
The revolutionary time machine will let you replay a point you lost, to give you a second chance.
Play a quick game or complete tour season of Tennis against 100 different opponents. Collect trophies and improve your world rank in a complete season with 64 tournaments.
Train your shots on the training court with ball machine.

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• Stickman Tennis delivers a great Tennis experience for beginners and professionals -
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• Stickman Tennis, highly rated 4.5/5 - iTunes App Store

Größe: 115.8 MB
Kompatibilität: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Erfordert: iOS 7.0 oder neuer
Sprache: Englisch

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