[iOS] Tadaa SLR - Bildbearbeitung kostenlos 4,49€

[iOS] Tadaa SLR - Bildbearbeitung kostenlos 4,49€

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Aktuell für iOS kostenlos


Now you can shoot SLR quality photos wherever you are!

1. Shoot
2. Focus
3. Tadaa!

Tadaa SLR brings you THE BEST depth-of-field and bokeh on the App Store.

Join the millions of photographers who create their best work using "Tadaa" and "Tadaa SLR" today! Your Photos are Awesome!

TADAA is back! In FULL resolution! We're happy to let you know that we will be shipping a series of updates over the next months. A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have continued supporting us, especially over the last 2 years.
In this first release in a while we are simply making sure that you can continue to use TADAA SLR on iOS 11. So these release notes are short:

- 64 Bit support
- iOS 11 Support

More to come, stay tuned and spread the word! Oh just one more thing....

-FULL RESOLUTION SUPPORT!! That's right, you can finally save your Tadaa

SLR photos in full res! Took us a while - Thank you for your patience


Zusätzliche Infos:

Es wird iOS 8.0 und 25 MB freier Speicher benötigt.
Es gibt keine weiteren InApps!
Die Bewertungen liegen bei 4 von 5 Sternen.

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