letzter Artikel 1200 DPI Optisch Gaming USB Kable Maus

letzter Artikel 1200 DPI Optisch Gaming USB Kable Maus

eingestellt am 27. Jun 2016

a. Multi-speed Transmission and Resolution up to 1200dpi. The adjustable range is 800-1200dpi

b. Internal Emphasis System Configuration--Ensure mouse operation smoothly and Precise Game Positioning

c. Advanced Gaming Chips—Let you enjoy exciting gaming effects

d. Ergonomic Design and Flanking Absorbent Non-slip Design

e. High-speed Optical Core and Engine Technology

f. Seven-color Backlight and Switch Easily

g. Multi-mode Switch, Convenient to Operate

h. Super 4 Key Mode, Multifunctional Use

i. Cool Pattern--Give you superior visual experience

j. Ideal for Laptop & PC users for Home and Business

k. Compatible with Hardware: Windows/Mac/OS/Android/Linux

Software: Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7

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lol... Hast Du gerade den Deal wegen einem verbleibenden Stück eingestellt? Gab übrigens ohnehin keinenVersand nach Österreich, wären also rund 5 € LogoiX Kosten dazu gekommen.
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