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Night Survivor PRO kostenlos für Android
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Night Survivor PRO kostenlos für Android

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Das Game Night Survivor PRO gibt es jetzt kostenlos für Android.

He was left alone on the planet. He always has to run in order to survive. But where?

No forced advertising in Night Survivor PRO!

The game tells the story of a guy who was left alone on the planet after the zombie apocalypse. All he has is his backpack, a map and loneliness. But one day he finds a radio and hears the voice of another survivor. And then begins his journey to a safe bunker, where a stranger lives.

Over 28 levels, you will observe how their friendship develops and how they help each other at a distance having regard only to the radio. And you will find out who this mysterious stranger really is!

- 5 different types of hungry zombies!

- the size of trees on the levels is randomly generated. Where there was no way to pass last time because of a large tree, now there can be free space and the passage!

- zombies and power-ups on levels are also randomly generated!

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