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DoodleDrive für PC bei Itch.io gratis anstatt 3,99 USD


DoodleDrive is a 2d creative driving / puzzle game.

A series of puzzle levels with were the goal is to drive to the Finish line and collect as many stars as possible.

The path is not complete so you will have to get creative with drawing either roads or physics shapes that will help you complete your goal.

All Puzzles Have 2 Modes:

  • Draw Mode: Draw the optimal path with the ink the you are provided with.
  • Drive Mode: Unleash your driving skills on the path you have created.

Key Features:

  • Doodleing
Draw roads and shapes to to create the optimal path.

  • Multiple Cars
9 Cars to choose from that behave different. You will have to choose the right car for the right job.

  • Handcrafted Levels
The games comes with 36 handcrafted levels which will hopefully tickle your brain.

  • Physics Based Enviroment
Cars, thing you've doodled, and other elements in the levels interact with each other.This puzzles more challenging and unpredictable. No two runs will fell the same.


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