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(PC) The Ice Caves (Steam) Kostenlos

eingestellt am 25. Mai 2022

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The Ice Caves

The Ice Caves is a fast-paced, retro-inspired, Metroidvania-style, platform shooter that sets you "gunz-ablaze" in a battle of wits, reflexes and skill. Survive 'The Trial of The Mountain' by descending into frozen caves protected by packs of adorable and sarcastic monsters. Do what it takes to mow down hordes of tribal "Ice Reaverz" and solve puzzles to become the ultimate 'Herald of The Mountain'. But be warned-- many have failed before you.Upcoming updates include:
  • Online high scores
  • A full-length campaign
  • Large-scale multiplayer game modes
  • Challenging co-op trials
  • Weapons
  • Characters
  • Enemies
  • and much more.

Feel free to check out our community page or message directly with your ideas to implement in the future, and you'll get your name with a custom message on a signpost if its used! Feedback, suggestions and general discussion is always welcome and appreciated.
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