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[Play Store] App Backup & Share Pro kostenlos
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[Play Store] App Backup & Share Pro kostenlos

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  • Backup and share any System/Internal/SD Card App (single/multiple at the same time) that can be installed later
  • Backup your apps WHEREVER YOU WANT - Internal Storage/REMOVABLE SD Card/USB drives(OTG)/any Cloud Storage you desire.
  • Local and Cloud backup options. Cloud Backup supports:
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
    • OneDrive
    • and All the others(this one is available with 'share' option)
  • Fully automated backup options(Selected Ones/All/None). So you can now forget everything and let App Backup & Share Pro do your job. It even works for uninstalled apps.
  • Share any apps (even system apps) - using whatever you want - Bluetooth, Shareit, Wifi Direct, NFC, IR or any app that supports file sharing (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and whatever you can imagine)
  • Both, Backup(Cloud and Local) and Share feature offers backup/share of application files with the same name as on the phone's launcher. So you don't have to rename each file before cloud backup/share like other apps force you to do (most of the apps can only backup(cloud) & share .apk files with the name "base.apk")
  • Search all the apps (System/Internal/SD Card apps) in one place. Also, search through all the available backups.
  • Directly uninstall apps without going to app settings (some apps may not be uninstalled, particularly the system apps)
  • Easily update and rate any apps available on google play.
  • Dedicated file browser to set the local backup location. So, no need to type the folder path explicitly like other apps force you to do, just browse and select your desired folder
  • Dedicated tabs for System/Internal/SD Card/Archived apps.
  • Shows all the important information about each application and gives access to each and every application settings, whether it is a system/Internal/SD card app - all in one place, with just a few clicks.
  • Each row of application list contains useful information like the package name, version, full date and time of installation, and most importantly, COMPATIBLE ANDROID VERSION range associated with each app, so that you know in advance that the app you are sharing can be installed on the target device.
  • Helpful indicators for showing available backups(and their condition) on the device(inside SD card / Internal storage), so that you don't have to remember which app is backed up and which is not
  • Shows install location of each app with icon which is pretty much helpful while searching for apps
  • Clean and Beautiful look, with 4 insanely beautiful theme (including pitch black)
  • Fast and responsive. no ads... promise! Does what it says - nothing more, nothing less.
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