PS4/Xbox One: Injustice 2 kostenlos spielen, vom 14-18. Dezember

PS4/Xbox One: Injustice 2 kostenlos spielen, vom 14-18. Dezember

eingestellt am 14. Dez 2017
Von 14. bis 18. Dezember könnt ihr kostenlos das Superhelden Beat'Em Up "Injustice 2" spielen.
PS4 User benötigen eine PlayStation Plus Mitgliedschaft, Xbox One User Xbox Live Gold!

Aus den FAQs:

Q: What game content will be available during the Free Weekend?
A: The Injustice 2 Free Trial content includes:
  • Single Player Mode
    • Story Mode: Chapters 1 - 3 are playable. Chapters 4-12 are locked
    • Multiverse: Featuring characters not seen on the main roster.
    • Other modes are fully accessible
  • Multiplayer and Online Modes are fully accessible
    • Free Trial players can play against owners of the game
  • Playable Characters: All characters are playable except DLC characters (and Brainiac)
    • DLC Characters will be playable through Multiverse event portals
  • Save Progress and Purchases if Free Trial players upgrade to the full game
    • Players get to keep their progress and in-game purchases
  • Xbox and PlayStation Stores will be fully accessible and in-game purchases are allowed

Q: Do I need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership to participate in the Free Weekend?
A: Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus* memberships are required to play the Free Trial (PS4 users in the SIEE territories will not require a PlayStation Plus membership)

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