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RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator kostenlos für Android
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RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator kostenlos für Android

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Die Pro-Version des programmierbaren Taschenrechners gibt es jetzt kostenlos für Android.

RubikCalcPRO is a unique, fully programmable calculator that allows you to add all your most used functions at the swipe of a screen, having a very user friendly interface so just about anyone can program this calculator to be a physical, scientific or mathematical in one single custom formula calculator.

You can use your custom formula converted into calculator in no time without any programming skills or experience, just math.

Free Version Features:
1- Write your own custom calculator with your custom formula
2- See the results in real-time while you type.
4- Save your calculators to use them later
5- Supports Trigenometric functions (Sin,Cos,Tan ... )
6- Supports Logarithmic functions
7- Detailed Documentation

PRO Features
* See the steps of the solution step by step
* Table Mode: you can enter multiple inputs and get the output.
* Chart Mode: You can create customizable charts and share the results
* Share the results of each calculation.
* Customize your settings: Change the precision of the output (decimal places)

Use the following formula and see the results immediately in real-time debugging.
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