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Splash Pro - Liquid Wallpaper kostenlos für Android
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Splash Pro - Liquid Wallpaper kostenlos für Android

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Ihr seid nicht mehr flüssig und könnt euch keine App mehr leisten? Kein Problem, da es die App Splash Pro jetzt kostenlos gibt und eurem Smartphone einen Liquid Effekt verpasst. Bewertung 4,5/5

The coolest live wallpaper for your phone.

Static wallpapers are boring, they always look the same. With this wallpaper, your screen will come alive! Fluid simulation as your wallpaper FTW!!!

It will constantly move based on how you hold your phone!

You can select different modes to control the liquid's behaviour:
- The liquid will change color as your battery runs out
- Your fluid will be actually an image as it flows it draws the image, it's magic ✨✨✨
- Or you can make the walls to tint the liquid and mix the colors in the middle 🎨

In all these modes you can configure how the liquid behaves:
- How big/numerous/transparent should the particles be?
- Should gravity affect the liquid or not (who needs gravity anyway)? 🌎
- Should your fingers push the particles when you touch the screen? After all your fingers need their own well deserved space 🖐️

And it has dark mode too! 🌃🌃

I tell you a secret. It is not actually a liquid on your screen but a particle simulation I know it’s shocking.

Interesting fact: There are 13 emojis used in this description.
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