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The Border: The Complete Series (English Edition)
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The Border: The Complete Series (English Edition)

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“The stag-headed man is back. He needs more hearts for his collection.”

When Ben Freeman returns home after many years on the road, he immediately starts causing trouble. He knows exactly what his family thinks of him, but he doesn't care. He knows they suspect him of being a killer, responsible for several brutal murders during his previous visit. Ben, however, is more interested in something that happened at a remote farmhouse when he was a teenager, something that first hinted at the existence of a place known as the Border. And this time, he's not willing to ignore the evil that hides beneath the town.

After years of ignoring the truth, the residents of Bowley must finally face the darkness that waits in the shadows. The stag-headed man is on the loose again, hunting for human hearts to add to his collection. The ghost of a deal girl has started appearing to some of the locals, warning of terrible consequences if crimes remain unpunished. And deep down beneath the town, another girl discovers the dark secret that keeps the town safe, and finds a jar of hearts stretching back many decades.

The Border is a horror thriller about a family's search for the truth, and about a town gripped by the possibility that something horrific lurks beneath their feet. Originally published in serial form, the entire story is now available in this omnibus edition for the first time.
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