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The House of Jack the Ripper: The Complete Series (English Edition) kostenlos
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The House of Jack the Ripper: The Complete Series (English Edition) kostenlos

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For the first time, the complete story of The House of Jack the Ripper is available in one volume.

When she breaks into an abandoned London house, Maddie Harper thinks she's simply lucked into a place to sleep for the night. She soon discovers, however, that this is no ordinary house. More than a century earlier, this house was home to the man who became Jack the Ripper. And just because the man is dead, that doesn't mean he's not still dangerous.

As Maddie struggles to deal with the evil that lurks in the house, she begins to learn more about the true story of Jack the Ripper. When Doctor Charles Grazier set out to save his wife, he never intended to become one of the world's most notorious serial killers. Nor did he intend to come face to face with a powerful force that threatened to change the world forever. Was the real Jack the Ripper simply a murderous monster, or was there far more to his story?

By the time she uncovers the shocking secret at the heart of the house, it might be too late for Maddie to escape.

The House of Jack the Ripper: The Complete Series is an omnibus containing all eight of the original books that were published in this series: Broken Window; In Darkness Dwell; Cradle to Grave; The Lady Screams; A Beast Well Tamed; Doctor Charles Grazier; The Raven Water; and The Final Act
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