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The Python Planner: A complete beginner's guide to building Python programs in 30 minutes a day (English Edition)
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The Python Planner: A complete beginner's guide to building Python programs in 30 minutes a day (English Edition)

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Learn to code in 30 minutes a day

The Python Planner provides a minimal and functional approach to learning Python for the complete beginner. It uses basic, immersive principles of learning that can be applied to understanding any language.

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will learn a lesson a day that takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Fit a lesson into your morning routine, lunch hour, or in the evening after the kids are in bed.

What you get:
-Sample code with clear, concise explanations
-70+ exercises with solutions
-Hands-on introduction to popular libraries
-Guided projects with warmups and solution files
-Updated for Python 3.7

You will build programs that:
-automate daily tasks
-interact with websites
-send messages through an email server
-pull and analyze Tweets from the Twitter API
-work with text files, images, and spreadsheets
-display interactive user interfaces
-and more

Python is the tool of choice

Python is intuitive, user-friendly, and reads like English, so it provides an accessible path to learning to program. Its users are a large and growing community of professionals of all industries. They use Python as their tool of choice to automate workflow and create web applications, predictive algorithms, and entire research pipelines.

Consider this to be your Python study abroad program

This book strives to provide you with the same immersive language-learning experience you would gain in visiting a foreign country. By centering on skill-building and problem-solving, this book will help you get you started in writing useful programs in Python right away.
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