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Up to 8! Merge Block In Hexa Lines Puzzle für Android
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Up to 8! Merge Block In Hexa Lines Puzzle für Android

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Up to 8! gibt es jetzt kostenlos für Android. Habe gerade rein geschnuppert und finde es ganz gut.

🔷🔶Up to 8! Merge Block In Hexa Lines Puzzle🔷🔶
The perfect FREE game to boost your intelligence and geometric skills! Plan the board, make the move, watch as the combo rising like crazy, conquer the highest peak!

Your puzzle skills will be put to the test with this new angle on the classic dissection puzzle game! Our unique game will stretch your mind in ways you never imagined before. Imagine playing the classic Lines98 game in a hexagon board, how's about it?

Plan your blocks, make the move and enjoy the satisfaction of pieces merging neatly with each other, creating new bigger pieces! Filling the board with a nothing but greatness! With each block that you created, one step closer to the 8 is made. Are you ready to reach the pinnacle?

🔶Move the blocks to fit them all in the board.
🔶Blocks can only move if the path is clear!
🔶4 identical blocks will merge and level up!
🔶Make block of 8 to clear it from the board!
🔶Be careful of the blocking your own path.
🔶Earn coins as you make new blocks!
🔶Use coins to exchange for powerful items.
🔶No time limits! Take it easy, no rush.

🔶 Simple gameplay you can master in seconds, but be warned! Higher levels can get tricky!
🔶Use HAMMER tool to help you in tight match! Be careful as it can destroy your highest blocks!
🔶 Use UNDO tool to redeem your mistake, just that it wont be cheap!
🔶 Stunning, colorful graphics & themes for pure entertainment & excitement!
🔶 Enjoy it in a bite-size break!
🔶 Play stress-free! Your game will automatically save.
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