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Will Wight englische eBooks kostenlos (6 Bücher)

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Unsouled (Cradle Book 1)
Sacred artists follow a thousand Paths to power, using their souls to control the forces of the natural world. Lindon is Unsouled, forbidden to learn the sacred arts of his clan. When faced with a looming fate he cannot ignore, he must rise beyond anything he's ever known...and forge his own Path.

Soulsmith (Cradle Book 2)
Outside Sacred Valley, ancient ruins rise from the earth, drawing sacred artists from miles around to fight for the treasures within. Lindon has reached Copper, taking the first step on the road to power, but the warriors of the outside world are still far beyond him. To advance, he turns to the arcane skills of the Soulsmiths, who craft weapons from the stuff of souls. With new powers come new enemies, and Lindon soon finds himself facing an entire sect of Golds.

Blackflame (Cradle Book 3)
Lindon has a year left. When his time runs out, he’ll have to fight an opponent that no one believes he can beat. Unless he learns sacred arts the right way, from scratch, he won’t have a chance to win…and even then, the odds are against him. In the course of their training, he and Yerin travel to the Blackflame Empire, where they fight to master an ancient power. Success means a chance at life, but failure means death. In the sacred arts, only those who risk the most can travel far.

Skysworn (Cradle Book 4)
With his duel fast approaching, Lindon is locked away in prison. As a Blackflame, he is too dangerous to remain free. The Skysworn, protectors of the Empire, have imprisoned him to keep him under control until the day of his promised fight arrives. When it does, he will face Jai Long. But a new danger approaches the Empire, closer every day. Only the Skysworn stand between the people of the land and total annihilation. And Lindon may be forced to join them.

Ghostwater (Cradle Book 5)
Long ago, the Monarch Northstrider created a world of his own. This world, known as Ghostwater, housed some of his most valuable experiments. Now, it has been damaged by the attack of the Bleeding Phoenix, and a team of Skysworn have been sent to recover whatever they can from the dying world. Now, Lindon must brave the depths of this new dimension, scavenging treasures and pushing his skills to new heights to compete with new enemies. Because Ghostwater is not as empty as it seems.

Underlord (Cradle Book 6)
A tournament approaches. All around the world, great clans and sects prepare their disciples to fight against one another in a competition of young Underlords. Even the Blackflame Empire is drawn in, but their youth are not strong enough to compete. Yet.
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