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Wiloo - 2D Jump ´n run kostenlos für Android
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Wiloo - 2D Jump ´n run kostenlos für Android

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Den 2D-Plattformer Wiloo gibt es jetzt kostenlos für Android.

Guide Wiloo in this adventure to take back your buddy and save other animals from Dr. ETvaldo evil hands.

In this 2D old-school platformer you'll be walking unknown lands and will face lots of obstacles trough 50 stages across 5 different colorful worlds. You can count with some powerfull upgrades and animal costumes that grants you different special-powers to overcome all challenge and danger that awaits you. Keep your eyes open, because there is many secrets hidden trough this lands.

Heartwarming soundtrack and sounds composed by Eduardo Castro.

Gamepad Support: OTG/Native gamepads (as XBOX 360 controller)
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