[Zapals] 3,5mm Kopfhörer Splitter 35cm für 0,27€

[Zapals] 3,5mm Kopfhörer Splitter 35cm für 0,27€

eingestellt am 15. Nov 2017
Bei Zapals bekommt ihr für 0,27€ einen 3,5mm Kopfhörer Splitter inklusive Versand.
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This 3.5mm Double Headphone Splitter allows you to connect 2 headphones simultaneously. So you can share music with your family or friends through headphones from the same source.


Great for sharing: Designed for use with headphones and portable speakers. Allows to share musics, movies, games with kids or friends.

Compatibility: Connects to an external 3.5mm audio jack device, such as smartphones, tablets, MP3, PC, etc.

Ideal length: This audio splitter cable measures 35cm, an ideal length that supports flexibility for easy connection and sharing.

Color White
Total Length 35cm
Package Contents:
1 x Double Headphone Splitter
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