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[Zavvi.de] Harry Potter Quidditch Duschvorhang
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[Zavvi.de] Harry Potter Quidditch Duschvorhang

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Willkommen zu verrückte Dinge, die keiner außer der Topper posten würde. Heute gibt es im Angebot den sexy Harry Potter Quidditch Duschvorhang.

You've made it. Well, almost! Just a few more trials, and you will most likely be drafted onto a Quidditch team. It's so exciting, and we're very proud of you. The best part is that you collect all sorts of Quidditch tchotchke - like this Harry Potter Quidditch Shower Curtain. We had a little help from some Goblins in securing these for you (but don't tell, because they wished to remain anonymous and stuff).

This Harry Potter Quidditch Shower Curtain has a white background, and it's covered with with ochre sketches of Quidditch equipment and the words ""Catch"" and ""Keeper."" It's perfect for scrubbing clean after a long practice. After all, falling from a broom at speed will give you grass stains on not just your clothes but your body, too. You know when you see football players with a bit of turf jammed into their helmets? Now imagine them hitting the field from 25 feet up. Speaking of which, this is a great shower curtain, too, for when you need a long relaxing soak for your bruised muscles.

  • Harry Potter Quidditch Shower Curtain
  • Officially-licensed Harry Potter merchandise
  • White background with ochre sketches of Quidditch equipment and words (Catch and Keeper)
  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Line dry only.
  • Dimensions: 68"" wide x 70"" tall
  • Includes shower curtain rings
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