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Anchor Pointer kostenlos für iOS
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Anchor Pointer kostenlos für iOS

eingestellt am 25. Okt 2019

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Die toll bewertete App gibt es jetzt für iOS kostenlos.

1. Finden Sie Ihren Weg mit einem Kompass. Speichern Sie irgendeinen Ort auf der Welt, z. B. ein Hotel im Ausland oder Ihr geparktes Auto, und finden Sie ganz leicht wieder zurück.

2. Finden Sie Ihr geparktes Auto in weniger als einer Minute. Falls Sie es leid sind, Ihr Auto in den Parkhäusern der Einkaufszentren nicht zu finden.

3. Gehen Sie Wandern & Gehen Sie nie verloren. Während Ihrer Wanderung können Sie jeden Ort speichern, um wohlbehalten Ihren Weg zurück zu finden.

4. Finden Sie einen Freund, wenn Karten nicht helfen. Lassen Sie sich nicht verwirren, indem Sie herumirren, um Ihren Freund mit Hilfe einer Karte zu finden. Folgen Sie einfach einem Pfeil, der auf ihn zeigt.

Never get lost again with Anchor Pointer! Save location and find your way back whenever you are. Anchor Pointer is a great location saver app for travelers, hunters, fishermen, outdoor lovers, or anyone who simply needs a tool to find his or her car in a parking lot. Anchor Pointer uses GPS as the navigation system so you don’t have to be online to use our app. Download our app now and feel the convenience!

"Anchor Pointer: The navigation app that Apple should buy" – Financial Review, May 2016.

There are so many times we need a navigation app beyond the standard Maps or Google Maps. First of all, we will need a reliable navigation app when we’re not connected to the internet. Maybe we currently don’t have a data plan or we can’t find the signal. We might also need an app to save location and find our way when there is no map available, such as in wilderness or in a very large park. This is why you need a navigation app that uses your device’s built-in GPS system instead of internet connection. This is also the reason why we built Anchor Pointer. This location saver app will free you from a lot of frustration in finding your way back. It will also guide you when you are in nature where map apps are unavailable/unusable. By using Anchor Pointer, you don’t need to rent expensive navigation equipment anymore.




• Mark your location easily. We know that making such app should simplify your life and not let you do complex steps and that's why we developed a very easy to use interface.

• Give you a direction to your saved location easily and fastly within a few seconds.

• Uses built-in GPS function. You should activate your Location before using our app

• Accurate and reliable.

• Work even when offline. You don't have to be connected to a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection to use our app because we have a smart offline mode.

• Share your location with friends easily.

• Smooth user experience.

• iCloud Sync – automatically sync saved locations with your other iOS devices.

There are some reasons why you should use Anchor Pointer now:

SAVE TIME – you don’t have to waste time finding your car in a great parking lot anymore. You can also save a lot of time when you need to meet or locate your friends. Just share your location and they can find you easily.

SECURITY – As travelers, we often get lost in a foreign country. Now you can save location (such as your hotel’s location) and find your way back easily. Furthermore, you can easily meet and locate friends or family in a big park when there’s concerts or other crowded events. When you’re hiking or doing outdoor sports, you can also find your way back to your camp safely and easily.

SAVE MONEY – As hunters or outdoor sports enthusiasts, you don’t have to rent or buy expensive navigation gadget anymore. Now you can use your iOS device as a navigation tool!

You can share your saved locations via email, iMessage, Twitter, Viber, Facebook and other popular services. You can also open your saved location on Apple Maps or Google Maps.
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